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How to Use a Drill Press for Woodworking

Any workman would be able to justify the use of a drill press and how effective it is to satisfy all your purposes. The machine moves in a specific manner, bringing in various ways for you to use them. But if you want to make the most out of it, then you need to learn how to use it in the right manner. So, you need not attend a tutorial, since we are here to help you out. Hence, continue reading the following set of instructions.

The Basics

Nothing can be achieved if you skip the basics as it contains the essential way to do things. Although other tools and equipments can meet your woodworking plans, they might not be as efficient as a Drill press. The device, gives you a sturdy appeal and ensures that the job gets done appropriately. All you need to do here is to ensure that the quill and chuck are kept in alignment with the adjustable height. Hence, your holes will be vertically aligned and drilled.


The Mortise Cutting

Mortise cutting has been one of the most common forms of a requirement for a lot of reasons. It is technically a square or a rectangular hole that needs to be achieved using the right tools. Although people have been using their hand for a very long time, modern innovations have brought us to a mortiser. Since it has a drill bit inside, it can drill the hole and cut the square edges at the same time. All these things put together to form the ideal set of tools that blend well at your workspace. But your space might require a couple more additions in the form of either a track saw or hybrid table saw. So, if you are in the same headspace, then you need to check these best track saw online for better clarity.

The Mortising Attachment

Woodworking projects might go further into ways that require you to come up with different solutions to satisfy the plan. Some of these projects require a couple of mortise and tenon joints that can only be achieved with the help of a hollow-chisel mortiser. A lot of floor-standing drill press manufacturers tend to cater to demands such as a hollow-chisel mortising attachment. With the drill press in hand, make holes with ease and accomplish all your projects.


The Curved Requirements

Curved cuts and jigsaw cuts require some quick results from an oscillating spindle sander. But at times the sandler does not process accordingly, and you need a replacement. This replacement might be the best because you can use a drill press. Thanks to variable speeds, various adjustments can be made to the spindle sanding speeds to include any type of material.

Fun Facts About Robotics

Through the history, robots have persisted in different forms. There are various cultures with inventors and engineers in ancient times who tried to build robots that resemble animals, machines and humans. But nowadays, when you hear some fun facts about robotics, you obviously tend to picture a programmed human-like machine that can either move by itself, controlled by mechanical means or by a virtual person. Most of the robots are designed and act like a human and appear to have their own intelligence. Nowadays we see robots doing dangerous tasks that are too risky for humans, like deactivating bombs. The following are fun facts about robotics that you probably didn’t know.

Amazing facts about robotics


The name ‘robot’ comes from a Czech word ‘robota’, meaning ‘drudgey’.


The earliest known robot in modern history was a mechanical dove created by Archytas of Tarentum in 5th century BC.


Robert William is the first human in history to have been killed by a robot. He died in 1979 after the robot’s arm crashed him as he was assembling parts in a storage facility. His family was paid $10 million to compensate his death.


In 1495 Leonardo da Vinci designed a type of robotic machine which was an armored humanoid. An engineer Mark Rosheim created the same version.


More than 4000 robots are used in United States Military to match into dangerous countries like Iraq where roadside bombs are commonly found.


Elektro was the first humanoid robot. It was built by Westinghouse in 1939. It was with the height of 7 feet and could speak 700 words.


A disk-shaped piece of dust sucking machine was the first domestic robot. He could process instructions to make ice cream or any other task as long as the instructions follow a certain pattern. The devices could use sensors to navigate its environment. It was used to clean the floor without the help of a human.


Nanobot is what they call a smallest robot. It measures 10 nanometers in size. They may be used to attach themselves to specific cells such as cancer cells.


Japan’s NES System Technologies lately made a winebot, capable of recognizing different kind of wines and cheeses. It made an error at a point and named a reporter’s hand as prosciutto.


A project to create a micro robot is underway. This robot will be able to perform a biopsy from the internal parts of a patient.


Most people are afraid that robots might finally take over the world as they will turn into being their own species.


The number of robots used is more than a million. Half of these robots are based in Japan.


The robotic safety crawler from Japan is a remote controlled stretcher that can transport a person of up to 250 pounds. It was designed for the police department to help them in transporting victims affected by natural calamities such as earthquakes. It has an interior sensor that can remotely examine a patient blood flow and other critical signs.


The future is here and at last, we are expecting robots that would cook and clean for us. We basically thank robots for their mechanical strength and ability to operate even in hazardous conditions.